Monday, June 30, 2014

Asher's First Visit to the Dentist

Asher just had his first check up at the dentist and he did great! He was calm and did everything he was asked to do. So proud of that big boy that used to be scared of everything!

Abby Just Returned From Church Camp...

and had so much fun. The kids went to Sky Ranch Cave Springs for three days. Here's a "few" pics from their time at camp...

Asher and Amazing Athletes

This summer, Asher joined Amazing Athletes and has LOVED it! He likes it because he's outside running around being with friends. I love it because it's non-competitive and introduces the kids to all different sports...


Week 1 a whole lot of kids showed up on the first day so Coach split the kids up into 2 age group for the next class period. I really appreciated that he recognized this need and did that. Asher still had lots of fun playing Red Light/Green Light, basketball, and other running games.


We missed Week 2 because we were on vacation.


Warming up with running in place, jumping jacks, and boxing

Jumping on "Mr. Ladder"


Asher and his little friend, Erin. They are buds from Parent's Day Out. ;-)
Amazing Athletes does have an amazing program for kids of all ages & I highly recommend them! So much fun ;-)