Monday, September 15, 2014

Lamb of God Tour at the Shepherd's Cross

We looove to visit the Shepherd's Cross in Claremore, especially in October when they have their Pumpkin and Fall Harvest Festival. But we were in for a special treat when they recently shared about their Lamb of God Tour in which they visited 5 countries (including UGANDA!) in 5 weeks. They served a delicious traditional Ugandan meal of beans, rice, posho, avocado, and mango. It was so yummy & sure made us miss the food there! They spoke about the great experiences they had meeting other shepherds in Africa and Europe. They not only helped teach the people there how to weave and color wool, but they also shared the gospel with many, many people. It was such a great time and we loved hearing about their trip!

Bought this sweet little nativity set from their gift shop for Asher to play with during their presentation. 

Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari

Sept. 10, 2014

An Update on Asher

Asher just began a class for "older 3's" at a preschool in our town. He loves his teachers and is enjoying playing, learning, and making new friends. His teachers tell me he is "working on following directions". Yes. We know all about that. ;-)

Here's a few pics from his first few days of school...

Asher also recently started soccer - his first team sport. He has several buddies on his team and the coach is my good friend, Nicole. I would offer to help but I'll spare the team my "expertise". ;-)

Two of Asher's best little buddies are Sam...

And our neighbor, Desmond...

That's a whole lotta trouble right there! ;-) He loves them so much and calls them his "brothers". ;-)

My favorite time of the day is reading stories to him at bedtime. We just started reading a children's Bible and even though he probably doesn't understand a lot of it, I know he's picking quite a bit. He repeats everything I say and asks lots of questions. I'm pretty sure God has big plans for this little guy ;-)  We love him so much!